Brumby, Troll Shadowruner Philosopher #011
Brumby Gets Sick
By Blackjack [Blackjack's Shadowrun Page:] [] [@BlackjackSRx]

Posted: 1999-08-23

Youze gonna have to pardon Brumby if he don't sound too cheery today.  It been about a week or five days or something since Brumby got hit wit a big bad flu bug dat managed to skip past hiz various filters and whatnot.  Da first day I had da sniffles, da second day I had tummy rumblings, and da third day I don't even wanna talk about.  It was very much un fun.

What really sucked 'bout Brumby being sick is dat he had a very much important and high paying run dat he really woulda like to have done.  It wuz for a Johnson Brumby had very much past dealing wit and who usually gave Brumby increases in money cuz he knew dat he didn't like to screw things up.  Also, Brumby has been lookin at a special edition type Viking dat would look great next ta his Warthog.

In any cases, Brumby can normally take a pill or something similar to make the nasties go away.  He then go on the run, finish it up, and den come home and sleep for many days.  But dis time da bug Brumby got was nasty bad.  Brumby took da pills, cleaned da blood filters, and ate da soup, but nuthing was gonna make da bug go away.  And it wasn't even like Brumby coulda gone runnin' anyways and just puke when he needed Brumby could hardly even walk to da fridge to grab another beer.

Da Johnson was a bit pissed of course, but he wuz one of da few run setter up kinda people who knew dat peoples sometimes get da bug (though he did charge Brumby da contract escape fee).  It is a kinda bad funny how people think us runnerz are 100% unaffectable by bad stuffs.  Da fact is, we runnerz tend ta get much more bugz den everybodys else 'cuz be is always around nasty types.  'Course, we tend ta have strong willz dat make us more able ta get stuffs done even when we not feelin good.  But sometimez we still get a bug dat knocks us on our butz.

Anywayz, Brumby iz gonna go back to sleeps.  Brumby don't feel too bad 'bout missing da run, cuz he rather get yelled at and take naps till he better den puke on a electric fence whilez trying to bust into Ares.