Brumby, Troll Shadowruner Philosopher #010
Brumby Kicks Some Racist Butt
By Blackjack [Blackjack's Shadowrun Page:] [] [@BlackjackSRx]

Posted: 1999-01-18

Dere is often a times or two whenz little human peoples who don't knows how smartly intelligent Brumby iz decide dey gonna be mean racial kinda nasty people and try to make funs at Brumby'z notexisting stupidity.  Dey seem to tink that jus cuz trollz in all da trid shows act dumb and do nuthing but shoot at people and say stuff like "Duh, where'z my grenade launcher?".   Dey tink all trollz is big an stupid and cannot think enoughs to find dere way to da crapper.

Now, even Brumby haz to admit dat dere are more den a few trollz who ain't da brightest.  Goblin scaryization ain't exactly no picknick, and many troll peoplez is lucky ta get through it with dere sanity not in little pieces, let alone dere smarts.  And, sure, lots of us talk kinda funny and deep and choppy, but, hey, YOU try talkin in normal voices when ya got a jaw structure like a horse and vocal speaker cords da size of da Astrodome.

But even doe Trollz tend ta be really good peoplez, sometimez little racist human kinda peoples decide dey want to pick on us.  Now, dere are many professionally psychological kinda ways to deal wit dis.  Some of da professional people say a troll gettin racially bashered should just fight back by workin our wayz up through society and gettin stuff right dat way.  Well, dis is all fine and great but it ain't gonna stop a little racist kinda mean street person whoz been beatin' up Brumby lookin trollz for a long long time.  And den some professional peoplez say dat trollz should trys to reason wit da bunch of racially mean kinda people becauze dey say da dis is da only way ta get da racially mean kinda people to change dere meanie ways.  Well, dis is just swell, but it iz kinda hard ta talk when youz got a pack of meanie human racial people hittin you in da face wit clubs.

So what Brumby doez is hit dem square in da face wit his fist until dey fall over.  Den he tie dem nekked to a fence and make a big sign dat says "Brumby is sorry he had ta beat up deze racially meanie humans.  Brumby just had better tings ta do den listen ta stupid people speak shit.  Tank you."  Doez dis solve da bigger problem of racially meanie kinda people?  Well, probablies not.  But it makes Brumby feel lots better and dey tend not ta bother ME ever agains.