Brumby, Troll Shadowruner Philosopher #009
Brumby Falls In Love
By Blackjack [Blackjack's Shadowrun Page:] [] [@BlackjackSRx]

Posted: 1998-01-05

Lemmie start by sayin’ dat just because Brumby found someperson dat he really carez about don’t mean dat I can’t still break you into itty bitty pieces using only my pinky finger. I dunno why more shadowrunnerish types of people don’t make a try to find somebody to like lots. Dere are so many runnerish types who go around sayin “Oh, I such a big ole’ badass” when da simple idea of likin sombody makes dem squirm like worms on a hot plate. (Not dat Brumby has ever fried worms.)

So whut happened wuz I wuz chasein’ someone in da sewers wit a bunch of people when dis lovely female tollish kinda girl decides she’s gonna whomp me on da forehead wit a aluminum baseball bat. (She wuz one of da people I wuz chasin’). Da best defense I could mount on account of me being mesmarised was to look concerned and go “Hello, lady”. Not dat my attempt at flirtation stopped her from whompin me, but it did delay her a bit and da swing wazn’t nearly as hard as it coulda been.

So, after Brumby got outta da hospital I was drinkin a few gallons of beer down at da local troll bar and dere she was, dressed to kill, and armed ta do pretty much da same thing. I figured dat since we wuz no longer on da run I’d mosey on over and say hello.

So, after Brumby got outta da hospital I wuz at da local troll resturaunt when I saw da lady again. Brumby wuz much surprised when she walked over and said hello (after she got me to stop hidin’ under a table). She said she wuz sorry she whomped me at da bar, and then demanded dat I thank her for not whompin’ me harder in da sewer. We sat down and ordered a bucket o’ hot wings and started talkin about runnin and guns and runnin and guns and all dat other stuff dat makes life fun. When she left, she said she wanted to see Brumby again, and I decided dat this might be a good time ta try to give her a kiss on da cheek.

So, after Brumby got outta da hospital da lady an me started seein’ more of eachother. We started talking about stuff other den guns and had a good time goin ta sports and trids flics and all kindz of stuff. While Brumby used ta have to spend downtime sittin around and cleanin his guns, me can now spend time with my new friend and life is much happier and much much less shitty.

Anyway, dats da story of how Brumby fell in love. And remember: Just cuz Brumby has shown you a little bit of hiz heart don’t mean dat I won’t knock ya into a pit if you piss Brumby off. Dat is, of course, if Tsarina don’t beat you up first.