Brumby, Troll Shadowruner Philosopher #004
Brumby Goes To Hell . . . Michigan
By Blackjack [Blackjack's Shadowrun Page:] [] [@BlackjackSRx]

Posted: 1997-03-03

So de Johnson walks up to me with his big smiley on his face and says, “Hey Brumby!”, and I look around to make sure he’z actually talkin to me. (You would be mighty surprised at how many other Brumbys are running around out there. I heared some of dem have a top speed of ninety kilometers per hour! That’s one damn fast Brumby. I ken only get my own self Brumby up to four, and dats when I’m bein’ chased by hell hounds.)

So da Johnson seyz, “Hey, Brumby! I’m sendin’ you to Hell!”. I wuzn’t especially happy about dis and wuz wonderin’ where in da heck he got his authority to be sending people to da great smoldering hereafter. So da next thing he says iz “Brumby, stop choking me! It’s a town in Michigan!”

“Ah! Michigan!”, I say’d, “...........where’z dat?”. And he tells me it some place near da city of Buggies and dat it has plenty of apples, which is good because other den Cow On A Stick, apples is one of Brumby’s favorite foods. So I ask whut I supposed to do and he says: “Just be a troll.”, which was kinda nice because bein’ a troll is something I’ve gotten pretty good at.

So I go to Michigan. Well, Brumby’z been in da city for about one hundered percent of his whole life and it wuz really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really nice goin’ through da birdz and da treez and all da nauralisticy type stuff. I even got to leave my Panther at home for once! It a damn shame more peoplez don’t leave da city every once in da while and get out in da country and do some stuff dere. What stuff, you say? It all boring, you say?

Well, say dat to the bunch of racists who greeted Brumby with sticks and stones for the purpose of breaking Brumby’s bones. See, it wuz nice, but it was still a run and wit any run you gotta be a runner. So I wuz, der in da middle of nowhere where nobody ever think a run ever be. And after I wuz done (I guess all I had to do was go “BOO!” and dey all quieted down which izn’t too bad a way to pick up fifty grand) I got to go back through da nature and da birds and wuz all pretty relaxed till I got back and found dat somebody had stolen Brumby’z Panther. (If any body see it it’z got “Brumby’z Gun” painted on da size.) So I had Brumby a run and a vacation all in one neat little bucket. It wuz nice. I didn’t even have to step in sewer poop.