Brumby, Troll Shadowruner Philosopher #001
Brumby, Troll Shadowrunner Philosopher
By Blackjack [Blackjack's Shadowrun Page:] [] [@BlackjackSRx]

Posted: 1996-05-20

Funny how things go, no? One minute we up in da clouds. Next minute we down in da dirt. I think confusing. And, I think right! But it all fun none the less. If we have clue as to what going on in the world it be no fun at all. Me like the idea that when I go to me car at night I don't no if it be there all nice or be blown to little bitty pieces. Sure this make most people mad. Dey say "Damnit, where da hell my car?". I say "Gee, much surprised car is still here!". Make my life so much easier. Same thing when I get up in da morning. I look and sniff and scratch my bum and go "Huh! I still here! Goodie!". When I get shot up I go "Gee! Bout time!".

Let me tell you little story. There was little human runner who went around all day with hand on his gun and eyes shifting this way and dat and always got da job done and was always on time and never got lazy or nothing and finally a big gang was wandering along and filled him with lots of little bitty holes for no reason and now he dead. And he had no fun in life. Now people probably be saying that he probably live longer then he would have because he so watchful and careful and safe. Well, I say he still got dead so it don't much matter now does it? Dead is dead and there ain't much more ta say.

What me getting at is dat running is serious little thing we do but dat not ALL we do. If all you can do is da running then you are of low brain. If you so narrow in the head that all you can think about is shootin and blowin up and killin and flying and driving stuff then you missing out! There lots out there! Go to museum or something or go to park or go to circus. Take break from da shoot, bang, shoot world and sit and eat some ice cream. When was the last time you even had ice cream? Gee, I think I'll go get me some ice cream.