Blackjack's People #161
Deep Sewer Dwellers
By Blackjack [Blackjack's Shadowrun Page:] [] [@BlackjackSRx]

Posted: 2019-12-05

Beneath the gun happy sewers just below street level, and the more mysterious sewers below that, lie the deep sewers. Massive tunnels carrying utilities and water deep into cities and pushing waste the opposite direction. In these pitch black depths, people still roam, many with ill intentions towards anybody who enters this colossal labyrinth of treasure and death.


Archetype: Troll Gang Leader (M)

The leader of “The Sludge”, a group that is more of an association of friends that an actual gang, Beast and his pals make a pretty good living simply demanding outrageous sums of money for passage through their deep sewer territory. Shorter than your average troll, but a bit stockier, Beast is a pretty repugnant individual. For example, he doesn’t wipe his ass. Ever. Ugh. Anyway, Beast may reek, but his followers are still devoted, consisting of individuals who actually crave sewer gas and the sight of a floating, bloated dead rat. And his entire team has ‘evolved’ over time to consist of every conceivable perception modification. If for some reason you can’t see them, you can be damn sure they see you. Headquarted (which is apparently not a real word) in a large cylindrical five story high sewer junction with a dozen inlet tunnels, the gang is at the most ideal place to demand payment, and have set up rudimentary defenses to make passage without money a difficult task. When not on alert, the Gang simply beds down at the base of their, well, base. A few broken pipes provide water and the rare shower and the gang subsists primarily on rations stolen from passers through. Should they run low, the gang can’t simply drone in the food, and they draw lots to see who must travel to the surface to obtain the food needed to survive. Beast, himself, sits it out, having never actually been on the surface and with no desire (or will) to see it.


Archetype: Ork Gang Member (M)

Always grabbing more than his share of loot after a mugging, Grimace is an overweight pathological liar and is basically kept around so the rest of the members can send him in to ‘tank’ more powerful enemies. Should he obtain a close kill, the rest of the gang has to practically race to the body to get there before Grimace palms the good stuff. In addition, Grimace will grab all available food from a victim and run into a side tunnel to consume it out of sight of the rest of the gang. In addition to the lying and the hording, Grimace maintains an attitude of someone half his age, emphasized by him wearing t-shirts with the latest teen heartthrobs on them and frequently posting his adventures on Twitter. Though hardly visible from the layers of armor over it, Girmace’s normal clothing is purple, which is how he earned his name, assuming Grimace is even around anymore. Is he even around now? I don’t recall seeing him in any commercials recently. Maybe Mc. Donalds finally realized that a fat mentally challenged purple monster isn’t the best role-model for children. I mean, at least Barney could sing.


Archetype: Human Gang Member Toxic Shaman (F)

Messing around with magic at a young age, Jas realized one thing over everything else: She liked acid. Thus began her research into toxic shamans and spirits, eventually landing her with a mentor spirit at the age of 14. She then began the extremely slow learning experience one has to endure to specialize specifically in the acidic toxicity of magic. Now well skilled and trained, Jas, who makes her heavy soiled robes out of bits of whatever clothing happens to be on a dead, or sometimes living (imagine trying to escape naked) victim. In addition to having several spirits on call, Jas can still fling some decent spells (almost always involving acid), though her focus on conjuring leaves her with mediocre spell mojo. Relentless cheerful, the rest of the gang sometimes gets pissed at her if she melts the loot during her attempt to take down passers-by.


Archetype: Troll Gang Member (M)

Skinny as a rail, but still over 7 feet tall, Stone eats very little and spends most of his time staring blankly at walls. Early on, Stone (who was much bulkier at the time) had his skeleton, joints, muscle and tendons replaced with cybernetic servos and myomer so he could haul his enormous self around with greater ease. Unfortunately, the cybersurgery did not go well, resulting in Stone losing a bit more essence than expected. But even though he’s lost his bulk, when he’s not zoned out or screaming in his sleep, Stone can still be a challenging enemy, kind of like fighting a solid iron skeleton. Stone is very generous with his share, especially the unwanted rations, and tends to apologize profusely after a robbery or even as he’s kicking your ass. He also has a tendency to collect t-shirts, which he’s able to wear stretched on his wiry frame with themes ranging from the band Beatdown to Hello Kitty and My Little Pony. Despite these pleasant idiosyncrasies and even a little bit of cuteness, he can absolutely whollop a person in hand to hand combat and has a strange affinity towards delivering uppercuts to your nuts, or whatever lady parts happen to be in the way.


Archetype: Elf Gang Member Burned Out Mage (F)

The only member who actually washes her clothes, Pearl just showed up one day in the junction, bleeding for another botched cyberware job, and rather than beat her up and take her stuff, as is their normal M/O, they took her in and helped get her back to as much health as one can expect considering she was healing less than a meter from flowing shit. Now only able to cast low level illusions, Pearl, who never personally speaks, likes to entertain the group with lights shows, phantom plays and other forms of presentation. She is also the only member who actually cleans stuff up, which means she maintains the pathways through the mounds of loot and trash piled around. When it comes time to sell some loot, it is Peal who makes the trip unless there is a large purchase in which case one of the other members (with the exception of Beast) will accompany her. Despite her silence, Pearl is still good at relaying information through gestures and expressions, but, probably due to the surgery, she can’t even write or type a message, as if the part of her brain that processes self-expression was damaged or destroyed. Since nobody in the gang has any real cybernetic build and repair skills, the option of repairing the damage is unfeasible, although Pearl has indicated simply by shaking her head that she has no desire to change her current condition. Hopefully it won’t just up and kill her.