Blackjack's People #159
Hidden Humanis
By Blackjack [Blackjack's Shadowrun Page:] [] [@BlackjackSRx]

Posted: 2019-10-21

Humanis isnít all about raw hate and pointy hats. Itís also about long term schemes and plants designed to bring about the end of metahumanity from unique angles. You might never see them coming.

Scott Kane

Archetype: Human Humanis Sleeper Agent Club Habituť (M)

Assigned to monitor the cityís nightlife for opportunities to spread death or terror, Kane plays himself as super nervous, which isnít a stretch because he is actually borderline freaking out from fear of being discovered. But he always manages to recover in time, or distract his doubters by doing, like, a freaking mountain of cocaine. Even with a filter, Kane still has to use his skills garnered as a lifetime druggy and drunk to keep his shit together. So, lots of nervous laughter, or laughter at nothing in particular. Or, possibly, laughter with Leigh, an elf in his group of pseudofriends that heís beginning to take a liking to. Rather than considering leaving Humanis, Kane flogs himself as restitution for the increasingly intimate meetings. With drugs already slowing his process at infiltrating the upper echelon of the entertainment industry, other Humanis agents are getting suspicious as to why his progress is so slow. Kane fears his nervousness donít be enough to hide the truth from those who truly know him.

Jake Cross

Archetype: Humanis Sleeper Agent Cab Driver (M)

One would think the existence of manned taxi drivers would be an anachronism by 2075, but some people just prefer some meat behind the wheel or sometimes even a tickle of adventure to ride in a vehicle that isnít bonded to the grid-link system, assuming you slip the driver enough cash to hop it. And Jake is a great cab driver, with shaggy hair, graying beard and hippy like mannerisms; itís just that heís still a racist dickhead. You know, people can be both. What if Jeffery Dahlmer had some mad baking skills? Why canít he be known for both? Anyway, Jake hasnít so much as involved himself in a beating, but does, on occasion scramble the comms of metahuman passengers and then dump them in a barrens building or ally where the victims are anything from warned to murdered. Jake may feel his conscience remains clear, but his Ďdeliveriesí have cost at least 22 metahumans their lives.

Avril Gibbs

Archetype: Humanis Sleeper Agent Trash Collector (F)

Her heavy frame filled out with cyber and bioware, Avril simply got tired of losing various heavy lifting jobs to trolls and, while currently securing a collectorís position, she insures and some of her colleagues are involved in trash collection Ďaccidentsí, usually involving the hydraulics, that end up with crushed body parts. She seems to want to make trolls actually suffer because her tweaks are intended just to maim, mangle, and crush, but not sever, arms and legs. Currently at the third job sheís done this, some suspicion has fallen upon her. However, her almost jolly figure and happy, bubbly personality seems to bat these suspicions aside. But, inside, nothing pisses her off more than severing a limb without crushing it, ever though reattaching the limb would be a horror to live though in and of itself.

Ruth Jackson

Archetype: Humanis Sleeper Agent Concierge (F)

Actually more of a doorman (doorperson? WhateverÖ) Ruthís cyber gear records and monitors all of the departure and arrivals of the metahuman occupants of the 60 story luxury apartment tower where she works. And if she ever got off of her ass to examine and categorize the information, the Humanis organization would have information on the comings and goings on many of the metahuman elite. But Ruth, deceptively athletic and quick, generally has her light frame flupped (I know itís not a real word, but it sounds like exactly what it means) into a beanbag chair watching The Butt channel. It is only recently that sheís been motivated to at least turn over the footage to the Humanis upper echelon, except the parts that she Ďforgotí, something that shouldnít be possible with digital memory but Ruth somehow to be so fucking lazy that even her cyberware is languid.

Frank Seals

Archetype: Humanis Sleeper Agent Nursing Home Resident Physical Adept (M)

Open-minded about pretty much everything except metahumans, Frank is overambitious, overconfident and vindictive, which would matter if he wasnít 95 years old and takes ten minutes just to hobble to the bathroom. But, alas, it does indeed matter because I need to make this paragraph longer without actually creating any additional information with my brain. Mission accomplished! But, back to Frank: Frank still gets up to a remarkable amount of mischief for an old man. Granted, the adept powers of stealth and quickness are responsible, a secret that Frank has been able to maintain for years. Elderly metahumans tend the die rather frequently around Frank, a fact that is kept quiet by the home to avoid the press and loss of metahuman residents. Death is usually delivered by poisoning, and Frank keeps a stash of various substances hidden in a statue on the home grounds.