Archetype: Elf Technomancer Gang Member

Leader of a gang that can strip down a vehicle in a blink of an eye, Impulse and The Junkyard are young, in their late teens, and have only recently begun to discover their full potential and settle into more defined archetypes. Impulse can use his technomancy skills for little more than accessing a vehicle’s computer system and taking control. This allows the gang to target cars that have merely stopped at a stop sign, disabling their vehicle and picking it apart. Should any sign arise that the driver or passengers are going to use lethal force, the gang bolts. Otherwise, they are each equipped with a gel round loaded light pistol to keep lesser situations under control. The Junkyard usually roam the barrens, looking for opportunity in a lost driver or somebody with a fancy car parked in the wrong neighborhood.


Archetype: Human Rigger Gang Member

Since the gang travels on foot, they are able to bleed quickly intro the streets since they target only the most valuable, and usually smallest, parts of a vehicle. Switch carries a backpack of microdrones equipped with minor tools sets that allow them to swarm in and work in tandem with the other gang members. Switch is still often near combat because her little drones often make several trips, ferrying sometimes microscopic material to specialized containers. Switch tends to go through a lot of drones because, in addition to their stripping duties, Switch will often simply fling them at adversaries if they come upon The Junkyard in the middle of their activities.


Archetype: Human Gang Member

Fancying herself an anime character in the flesh, Silver has spent her share of the spoils on cybersurgery, bodysculpting and bioupgrades. And, man, does she look weird. Anyway, she also happens to be really, really fast and will dart around the vehicle, grabbing items she sees in the schematics in her head. Even at the age of 18 she is wandering dangerously towards cyberzombie territory, primarily because of additional essence wasted from shoddy parts and surgery.


Archetype: Troll Gang Member

As would be expected, Zephyr carries the heavy stuff, though he his more large than actually strong. Despite investing in leg improvements, Zephyr is still pretty slow so they try to get him in and out as early as possible. Zepher is the only member that carries an additional weapon, a shotgun, but it, as with the pistol, is loaded with gel rounds.


Archetype: Human Mage Gang Member

Focusing on the manipulation aspects of her burgeoning talents, Discord precisely removes screws and paneling with her telekinetic abilities as part of the combined vehicular onslaught. She has been wanting to hone her more combat oriented repertoire, but lacks control which has turned fatal on one occasion. With the addition of Aria, Discord found a colleague who could teach her control where needed.


Archetype: Dwarf Mage Gang Member

A hotshot sorcerer who should more time practicing and less time drinking, Aria recently fell into a magic vacuum in the gang and has been kept around despite her failings because they haven’t found anybody to replace her yet. The development of a professional bond between Aria and Discord will make it even more difficult to replace her if the time comes. For now, Aria continues to ‘defend’ with near lethal force in what might otherwise be a nonviolent situation.


Archetype: Human Gang Member.

Loading up on speed before every encounter, Rush basically tries to snag anything loose because he doesn’t have the patience to unscrew stuff. So it’s usually him that ends up with the fuzzy dice and contents of the glove compartment. Rush would be a straight up liability if it wasn’t for his luck in randomly grabbing stuff that is sometimes really valuable. When not working with the gang, Rush simply sleeps. A lot.