Archetype: Human Stoner Drug Dealer

Not all drug dealers are about chips and X-Cyte, with some managing to make a good living selling good old fashion weed.  Well, it’s not quite that simple.  With over 1,200 actively grown strains, being the head of a drug dealing gang (of you could even call it that) requires connections, organization and, in Puff’s case, a few head upgrades, including a Math CPU and other processing accelerators.  These allow Puff to not only remain super stoned but, in conjunction with an encrypted commlink, still keep her business running and not give the overt impression that she’s blitzed.  Covered head to toe in tattoos of cannabis plants, Puff doesn’t do much to maintain her hygiene considering she rarely has the need to be presentable.  When going out, she trades her stained t-shirt and underwear for plated black leather armor, with the occasional dark red dot on it showing the places she’s been shot.  Considering her skill at avoiding conflict, and the fact that, c’mon, it’s weed, Puff and her crew rarely encounter violence.  But, just in case, all are armored with at least a jacket when dealing and carry two light pistols, one loaded with gel rounds and one with APDS.  All of Puff’s crew is female because, well, Puff likes chicks, and while Sapphire and Tricky feel the same way, Quick does not, not that this creates any problems.


Archetype: Elf Drug Stoner Drug Dealer

Handling the dealing of high quality goods to the club scene, Sapphire has had problems in the past with the heavier club drugs, but has always recovered with the help of her friends and has been clear of anything heavy for a year.  Thin and fragile looking, Sapphire still deals with the consequences of the life she used to lead.  But Sapphire is confident enough now that she can use her clubbing skills and demeanor to enter the belly of her former beast to sell gear that will knock you on your ass.  Quiet and reserved when not in clubbing mode, Sapphire is very close with Puff, which sometimes causes minor drama with Tricky.  But, as with most conflict, any ill feelings are forgotten when somebody fires up a blunt.


Human Stoner Drug Dealer Physical Adept

Dealing to the magically inclined, Quick has Astral Perception powers, so she can do cool stuff like smoke up and stare for hours at tree auras.  She has also acquired the power to quickly filter drugs and toxins out of her body so she can sober up partially or completely with only minor concentration.  The rest of her powers build up her quickness and a strange ability to disappear, Batman style, when you turn your head. Happy to not be part of the Puff, Sapphire, Tricky triangle, Quick just gets some extra workouts in while they do what they do.


Human Stoner Drug Dealer Decker

Filling a final role as a dealer of weed to the decker community, Tricky also has the ability to ‘interface’ with Puff’s headware so they she can help work out schedules, set delivery times a so forth without having to hash things out in the physical world.  If it wasn’t for the deck slung around her shoulder, Tricky might sometimes forget she’s a decker, partaking in more than her share of the merchandise and frequently losing track of conversations mid-sentence.  Thankfully, she has her deck set to zap her back to reality if her DNI relays that she’s spacing out.