Blackjack's People #151
Meals On Wheels
By Blackjack [Blackjack's Shadowrun Page:] [] [@sr_blackjack]

Posted: 2019-05-31


Archetype: Dwarf Food Services Truck Owner

The proprietor of Hermana’s Grub, a disgusting looking, worn down GMC Bulldog Step-Van, Hermana has the advantage in price and price only. The food is nutritious, in fact a ¥2 slab of slop will keep you going for hours, but that doesn’t negate the downside that you’ll feel like two goats played vomit tennis with it before yacking it into a Ziplock bag. And when you order from Hermana, that’s what you get: A sandwich bag full of whatever. Hermana, nearing her elderly years, gets more and more crotchety seemingly every day. Oh, and don’t you dare criticize her food within earshot or you be doing the next worst thing to eating her food; Wearing it.


Archetype: Ork Food Services Truck Owner

Decked out with an Ares Master IV that, itself, is decked out in extra slabs of armor, Stripe is the creator of “Fuck Yeah! Foods”. The business owns a trio of the vehicles (with Stripe’s being the most bad-ass) and Stripe and his crew basically just keep themselves enveloped in media until it appears that a rumble has started, or is at least on the way. They then race to the scene, crash into the middle of the action, and offer delicious burgers and drinks at absolutely astronomical prices. Still, they’re damn good burgers, and on more than a few occasions conflict ceased temporarily so everybody could grab a bite to eat before resuming slaughtering each other. Stripe himself is pretty non-violent, but is missing that nifty filter that stops you from saying something stupid, such as pointing out a combatant would look a lot cooler if he still had a nose.


Archetype: Unknown

Yummy Tummy is a fully automated, auto driving Ares Chuck Wagon that includes some body-expanding modifications and mounts that have turned it into a sometimes out of place addition to the food truck lineup. Other than ports used to reload raw materials for the creation of food and drink, there does not appear a way for anybody to actually drive the vehicle. While all soy based, Yummy Tummy uses programmed recipes and creations to allow for a robust soy product menu. And at the end of the day, the vehicle either just drives around, stopping at soy wholesalers along the way who fill the vehicle with essentials, apparently unconcerned that they’re filling up a ghost truck and receiving their pay from an anonymous source. There is even an urban legend that the vehicle killed its creator and the vehicle now exists with a low-level AI behind the metaphorical wheel.