Blackjack's People #149
Hardwired Hillbillies
By Blackjack [Blackjack's Shadowrun Page:] [] [@sr_blackjack]

Posted: 2019-04-26


Archetype: Human Diseased Hillbilly

With a crudely constructed cyber mouth stuck in a perpetual sneer, Cyrus and his boys are afflicted with a genetically induced skin condition that has led each of them to replace much of theirs with cyberware. That which the ware canít cover is usually replaced regularly with the skin of corpses, as well as unlucky hikers that run upon their small farm in the deep rural hills. The patriarch of the clan, Cyrus keeps his boys, none of which are all too bright, in line with slaps and whippings, and theyíre prepared to fight to the death to protect their father, probably because the alternate would be none too pleasing should he survive.

Cyrus regularly leads his crew to known criminal body dumping grounds to salvage what ware they can, as well as flesh and the occasional organ, from the bodies. Hikers who wander across the grounds are usually treated to being hung upside down for days, their bodies filled with nutrients and their skin readied for when itís time to take them to the barn. (You really donít want to end up in the barn.) Short tempered and brutal, Cyrus knows many ways to torture a belligerent captive that donít damage the skin. The preferred armament of all the kin is a machete and a Winchester Model 2024.


Archetype: Human Diseased Hillbilly

Ikeís usually in pretty bad shape. There has been times when the disease has so ravaged his face that holes needed to be cut in his facial skin just to see. Ike is usually first in line for transplants when supplies are available, as failure would probably result in him choking on his own lips. With a pair of cyber legs and a cyber arm that primarily consists of lead, Ike is usually hurting too bad to be all that dangerous. But if he gets in a cheap shot with the arm, man, itís gonna smart.

John Boy

Archetype: Human Diseased Hillbilly

The dumbest of the bunch, John Boy likes speed, sometimes whisked into combat by his bioware and cyber enhancements before his teeny tiny brain has fully formulated a plan. He also needs to pace himself because the cyberware any of the clan is outfitted with isnít exactly top grade and John Boy has to be careful he doesnít take off running so fast he knees rip apart. John is adept with the machete and a deadeye with the rifle, making him the most threatening of the bunch, assuming his brain doesnít drift off to think of chewing tobacco or that last night with his sister.


Archetype: Human Diseased Hillbilly

A doctor purely through skillsofts, Merle serves as both, well, normal hillbilly, and as the kinís surgeon. The barn from hell Merle maintains consists of table after table of scrounged cyber and bioware, some of it usually covered in the rotting flesh or jutting bones of their previous owners. Between the ware and the rotting and the curing and preserving chemicals, the smell of the barn is simply debilitating, resulting in prolonged vomiting and sickness for those not used to it. At the back of the barn, surrounded by a sterile curtain, is the actual surgery table, a ghastly combination straps, clamps, saws, bolt cutters, solder, wires and even scarier stuff. Merle, normally as dumb as the rest, switches abruptly to experienced doctor one the softs are activated.