Alisha Reynolds

Archetype: Human Medic

Fed up with the incompetence displayed by the doctors she worked with, Alisha used contacts made with injured runners to set up a medical response business, servicing the quasillegal wherever they may be, with the exception of hot combat zones. Well trained, but still not a full doctor, Alisha primarily deals with simple bullet wounds and cuts, unable to fully treat gut shots, skull hits, and anything else that is endangering the life of the runner. Fortunately, she managed to steal (hey, I never claimed she was all peaches and sunshine) a nano equipped Rating 6 medkit from her employer, which is usually able to walk her through the more difficult procedures. Mentally Alisha seems to always be on edge, sometimes regretting getting into more difficult situations and working near possible gunfire. She dresses in normal armored street clothes, not looking like much of a medic, mainly because, in contradiction to years of honor, many gangs have learned the benefit of shooting the medic first. Alisha is also has a side job working missions through a part-time contract with DocWagon.


Archetype: Ork Medic

Cullen would probably find a way to parachute into the sun if paid enough, but will have to settle with getting paid gratuitous amounts of dough for crashing firefights and healing up those willing to shell out. Whether itís a sky dive directly into the action, or her heavily armored GMC Phoenix crashing onto the scene, Cullen knows how to make an entrance, decked out with a heavy med pack on her back and 4 separate submachine guns to help her get to her client. Once there, Cullen works fast, drawing on years of military service, as well as some time as a traditional EMT. Despite her obvious cybernetic enhancements, Cullen does have a tad bit of magical ability remaining, which she regularly uses along-side her normal healing methods.

Mrs. Ergosen

Archetype: Human Medic Street Mage

A more than a bit senile and currently living in her Mobilio Obscure along with 2 cats, Mrs. Ergosen has never much cared for money, content with wandering the streets and meeting people during the day, and cozying up at night with her tabbies. Rapidly approaching her 90s, Mrs. Ergosen is still an extremely powerful healer, and is more than happy to help out an entire group for a flat 5k donation to a charity of her choice. Itís hard to say how many lives Mrs. Ergosen has saved over the years, because itís sometimes countered by those who have died waiting for her slow ass to get there. Thankfully, she does at least have a comm-link so those in desperate need donít need to comb the city looking for her.