Dr. Grimm

Archetype: Human Research Doctor

Dr. Natalie Grimm first became interested in medicine and biology as a child, which is when her first forays into the sciences resulted in dismembered animals being sewn back together in her basement. She attended four different medical collages before she was finally able to obtain her degree, having been kicked out of the first three for her unorthodox and grotesque experiments. After graduating, she was hired on as a surgeon at a barren’s hospital, utilizing the facilities ‘fuck the poor’ culture to perform experiments on the vulnerable. The only reason she was kept on was because, on occasion, her skills would actually save a life, usually the life of somebody considered more important than the those of dregs that filled the facility. After nearly 40 years at the hospital, the facility closed down, although shortly after everyone moved out, Dr. Grimm moved back in.

Now in her 80s, Dr. Grimm continues to research and experiment with the art of limb, torso and even dead replacements in the guts of the now rundown building. In order to keep money flowing in, she has set up a clandestine connection with other doctors who are interested in her work, but not enough to risk their careers. Her brain finally getting to be a bit iffy, Dr. Grimm seems to take pleasure (perhaps even sexual) in holding, fondling and even licking and tasting the parts she receives. While her on-call, albeit not particularly adept, group of mercenaries takes care of some of the bigger heists, it is not uncommon for Dr. Grimm to contract with other shadowrunning groups for particularly delicate thefts (like from hospice facilities), as well as missions that even her merc’s might find too distasteful to take.

Dr. Niles and Dr. Greene

Archetype: Unknown Race Surgeons

Dr. Grimm’s two assistances are the results of successful body part swaps, with the added touch of some neurosurgery to deaden the memories of their former lives. They reek, they’re clumsy, and they have constant infections at limb attachment points and patchwork ugly faces. Dr. Grimm decided to keep the successes as her assistants because she was unable to keep somebody formally trained in medicine more than a day once they found where they would work and what Dr. Grimm was up to. Though only able to complete basic sentences and sometimes screaming in horror out of the blue, Dr. Grimm continues to work on additional medical soldiers to help her in her quest for the perfect metahuman.


Archetype: Human Mercenary

To say that you have to be down on your luck to work for Sr. Grimm is an understatement. Calliope, a once well trained, skilled tactician, let herself fall apart after her team botched three high profile runs in a row, destroying their reputation and sending the entire team into freefall. Calliope, while not a hard core addicts, usually has a mild BTL slotted at all times, the BTLs that act to produce more of an anti-depression effect than a high. Along with the remainder of her team, Calliope handles runs that involve more muscle than finesse, hitting illegal body shops and organ transports shipments while the good runs are left up to the real runners.


Archetype: Elf Mercenary Mage

Fast becoming a burnout, Damien once let Dr. Grimm replace a limb shot up in combat, only to get a ravaging infection and the eventual removal of the limb a second time. Damian did finally get ahold of a cybernetic one, his magic taking a hit and leading him down a windy road towards mundanity. Still possessing just enough power to still be dangerous, Damien has developed a moderate phobia towards firefights and tends to hang back when the fighting gets fierce, only tossing an occasional bolt or healing spell to help his colleagues.


Archetype: Ork Mercenary Decker

Due to the dwindling number of members on Calliope’s team (they’ve lost a decker and two riflemen since they started working for Dr. Grimm), Skull is forced to do double duty as fire support and computer infiltration, leaving him not spectacular at either. He does know explosives, however, resulting in many a moment when he’s smashed his deck and just blown open up the door instead. When it comes to raiding underground chop-shops, Skull isn’t afraid to stop dropping folks if Damien or Calliope don’t talk him at least partially down. Still, he’s jumpy on the trigger despite who's in front of the gun.


Archetype: Human Mercenary Rigger

If you mean ‘rigger’ as in ‘the chick who drives the van’ than, well, she’s a rigger, and, in the continued interest of diversification, fire support as well. She even went out and invested in an actual Control Rig, allowing her to assist the rest of the team with drones although, as with Skull, the two specialties have not meshed well. Ki also has issues with forsaking her drones to unleash some lead.