Remus Cleopas

Archetype: Human Former Corporate Executive

A man who absolutely despises the city police force, Remus has been planning his revenge for nearly 40 years.  His parents killed in the crossfire between “good” cops and a group that has gone rogue, Remus was only six when the incident happened.  Since he matured, he has made nearly a dozen attempts to bomb, contaminate or otherwise fuck up the main police headquarters.  He spent time as a corporate suit, spending years amassing the wealth to fund his projects.  Now 45, and in the possession of a stealth missile, soon to be tipped with a low yield nuke, he is ready once again to attempt revenge.  Remus is a bit twitchy, and often stares into space like he’s reliving that childhood moment over and over again

End Game

Archetype: Troll Bodyguard

Endgame wouldn’t really give two shits about Remus if he wasn’t getting paid so well.  While having saved him from a few scuffles (even killing some cops in the process) End Game is always mulling over whether or not he’d actually take a bullet from him.  End Game likes money, but he likes staying alive a little bit better.


Archetype: Dwarf Demolitions Specialist

Blast can blow up just about anything with just about anything.  During once particular assignment, her C12 didn’t show up, so she rented a dump truck, bought every item at a local fireworks store, harvested about 10 buckets worth of powder from them and finished the job.  Blast moves fast for a dwarf and is always scurrying around and double, triple and quadruple checking her equipment.  While this is her first stealth missile, her photographic memory (and a decker friend) helped her become an expert on the object within just a few days.


Archetype: Elf Former Security Guard

Acting and dressing like an urban cowboy, Six Gun’s duster and saggy armored clothing conceals the fact that she is wearing full security armor underneath (and form fitting armor under that).  She is equipped with not one, not two, but SIX Ruger Super Warhawks.  Two in ankle holsters, one on each hip, two in traditional shoulder holsters, although two of the ones in the shoulder holsters actually fire gel rounds.  And she can draw them fast, having had arms modified with custom bioware to make quick drawing a muscle memory motion.  Runs are few and far between for her because of her brash attitude and her refusal to dress up for more intricate runs.  Therefore she spends a lot of time guarding places in the middle of freaking nowhere.

Jump Scare

Archetype: Human Gang Leader

An upper echelon member of the anti-cop gang The Sleepers, Jump Scare provided much of the intelligence Remus needed to target the weapon to hit the cops when it would hurt.  Fast and stoic, Jump Scare’s fighting style is smooth and precise.  He managed to get his hands on a chameleon set of armor clothing and when things start to get rough, he drops his jacket and tries to disappear.  He even has a silenced Ares Light Fire with the same concealment technology. 


Archetype: Human Gang Member

Just a step above an initiate, Serilisa’s job is mainly stand around and learn from Jump Scare.  Poorly skilled and a little bit scrawny, she is quick to go for her Predator in times of trouble, which is why Jump Scare insists that the clip currently in the gun be loaded with gel rounds, though she has clips filled with hollow points on her hip should she need them.


Archetype: Human Burnt Out Combat Sorcerer

How Juicer came into possession of a nuclear warhead is a mystery.  He went out on a quick data grab run with his group and ended up being the only one who came back.  And when he checked his backpack, there it was.  The warhead, which is only about the size of a softball and sealed in a metallic box, has slowly been leaking radiation, resulting in Juicer getting very sick and even losing some of his magical abilities.  Once an accomplished combat sorcerer, he’s now only a shell of his former self.   When his fixer came across someone who was looking for that exact device, Juicer was happy for the money, and even happier he was to be getting rid of the mysterious object.  Too sick to make the delivery himself, all he needs is a runner to take it Remus’ staging area.