Archetype: Human Drug Runner/Hijacker

A low level jerkoff with long, slicked back hair in a ponytail and a smile that always looks like a sneer, this hillbilly makes his living jacking shipments of generally harmless drugs like weed and hash.  His encounters are often a near disaster as he lacks the experience needed to effectively lead a team, though at least half his group follows him because they’re even stupider than he is.  Using the time tested tactic of simply running people off the road, he is quick to resort to violence if things don’t go his way leading many of his employers to drop him from their payroll considering the extreme measures visited upon his targets for what generally amounts to a few dozen pounds of marijuana.  A weapons traditionalist, he exclusively uses Colt firearms, although he does carry a few concussion and fragmentation grenades should things go south.


Archetype: Elf Drug Runner/Hijacker

Lucky’s closest cohort and lover, Fargo sports the same slicked back look as Lucky and looks like she’d probably be sticky is you ever touched her.  Fargo runs the show nearly as much as Lucky does, which is a shame because she’s a few widely spaces notches stupider than he is.  Also quick to open fire, Fargo’s only saving grace is that she rarely shoots to kill, not that shooting to ‘almost’ kill is much better.  She also will get Lucky to tone down his bloodlust if she doesn’t feel the payload is worth the body count.  A screamer when she attacks, Fargo possess decent enough athletic ability to jump onto the rooftops of moving vehicles from her gang’s Nissan Hauler.  A fan of submachine guns, she always adds on some extra gas vents so she can fire them (not especially well) from both hands at the same time.  As with Lucky, Fargo has a few grenades on her belt for backup.


Archetype: Ork Drug Runner/Hijacker

Rumble might as well be glued to his shotgun, as he never seems to be without it.  Once a gang member, (crappy) shadowrunner, and, finally, a hick accented gas station attendant, Rumble met up with Lucky by chance when his team ran a vehicle off the road and into his station.  Rumble managed to take down one of the occupants before they shot Lucky in the head, so they brought him on to work as extra security during their escapades.  Slow, but heavily armored, having Rumble around is more of a backup plan is things go so incredibly wrong that they need a gargantuan ork shaped shotgun mount to even out the situation.  Missing 90% of his teeth, and generating a noxious, unidentifiable odor, Rumble also totes around a Aztechnology Striker if things get to the point that they to simply was the whole target.


Archetype: Human Rigger Drug Runner/Hijacker

A chronic stoner who still finds a way to dress herself in expensive fashion, Velocity is actually a decent driver.  She never cares about the details of the mission, simply following his GPS and pitting, side swiping or straight up ramming the target vehicle she has been instructed to attack.  Her vehicle, a heavily souped-up Nissan Hauler, drives like a dream and the extra innocuous extra armor that has been added has been placed in key points of impact, allowing Velocity to pit and ram with very little damage to her own vehicle.  The only weapon Velocity carries is a light pistol which she has never used.  She never leaves the vehicle during a mission and, unbeknownst to the rest of the team, is good and ready to peel out and leave them in a cloud of dust should things get really out of hand.


Archetype: Human Street Shaman Drug Runner/Hijacker

In her early 20s and still trying to get fully in touch with her capabilities, Celeste grow up in a violent home and neighborhood culture that left her disillusioned with city life.  Unfortunately, when she hightailed it to the countryside she found the only people willing to give her shelter were those with the same vicious tendencies she tried to escape.  On top of it, being cooped up in the gang’s small deep woods shack is causing her to lose touch with her totem and is making any further advancement extremely difficult.  Athletic, with wild short black hair, Celeste has been pigeon holed into using combat spells intended to knock out targets that the gang needs to keep alive, and healing the gang when they ret racked up.  Celeste is looking for an exit, and most of the gang has sensed this, keeping a very close eye on her activities.