Blackjack's People #143
Go-Gangers For Good
By Blackjack [Blackjack's Shadowrun Page:] [] [@sr_blackjack]

Posted:  2019-01-25


Archetype: Human Go-Ganger Rigger

Scimitar and his team The Go-Gangers for Good (GoodGangers for short) primarily come to the aid of motorists in the middle of a go-ganger attack, although they can be hired by runners needing backup as well.  All of their bikes are unarmed, and any weapons carried by the members can be made to fly into pieces with a few quick button or leaver pushes so, if corned by the cops, they would be completely free of illicit gear.  Scimitar, a narcissist who would probably be considered a sociopath were it not for his gang’s mission, has sunk a pretty penny into his vehicle’s piloting systems so he can do nifty things like leaping onto an enemy’s bike, brandishing his namesake weapon, and then hopping back to his own without everything falling over.  While Scimitar is the only member of the gang with rigger implants, the rest of his team’s bikes have been outfitted with the equipment necessary for Scimitar to jump into them if necessary.  While Scimitar does carry a SMG, his primary weapon, other than the blade, is a reflex bow with explosive projectiles.  


Archetype: Human Go-Ganger Mage

A master of Barrier and Wall spells, Nova would probably be able to take on an opposing gang herself if she was just a little bit better behind the grips.  But, as it is, to cast anything more powerful than a bolt, she often has to slow to a speed at which the bike’s pilot can do most of navigational work.  This mildly frustrates the remainder of the gang who often must clear a path for Nova so she can zip ahead to cast the spell before the enemy gang gets there.  Fortunately, she is getting better every day and has bailed out the rest of the gang enough times that they are willing to wait for her skills to mature.  Very self-critical, other members sometimes has to remind her that her mic’s open when she launches into one of her self-deprecating tirades.


Archetype: Troll Go-Ganger

Titan’s main weapon is his bike, having armored up the vehicle to the point that it required an engine upgrade so he could keep up with the rest of the gang.  His backup weapon is a 5 cm solid lead pipe.  While proficient with firearms (he carries a legal, off the shelf Predator) Titan has found it’s easier just to crash into the enemy than shoot them.  Energetic and enthusiastic, the rest of the gang knows it’s time to be on guard for wreckage when they hear “Here comes the hurt!” blast over their commlink.


Archetype: Elf Go-Ganger

The best rider next to Scimitar, and perhaps one of the best anywhere without a control rig, the handling upgrades to Twist‘s Mirage barely keep up with her ability to use them.  Sporting a destructible UZI IV holstered and hidden on both sides of the bike, Twist’s ambidexterity and upgraded pilot allow her to fire with relative ease while maintaining control of the bike.  Despite all the firepower, Twist rarely shoots to kill, preferring to load up explosive rounds and disable or destroy the target’s vehicle.  Almost military in her self-discipline, Twist often scouts ahead since the rest of the team is sure she’ll return with just the data needed and not ramble on in her description.


Archetype: Human Go-Ganger

Perhaps the hardest of the GoodGanger’s to keep, well ‘good’, Marauder was plucked in his late teens from an actual nefarious go-ganger group after he made an error during a fight that cost three of his former fellow members their lives.  Filled with remorse, Marauder begged to be killed but was instead convinced that by changing teams he could repent for his mistake.  While loyal to his new team, he tends to use a bit more violence in dealing with adversaries than the rest of the group would like.  There is still an open debate over whether Marauder should be permitted to keep the grenade launcher he recently added to his M23.  So far he has been given the green light, so long as he keeps his volatile temper in check and not cause any collateral damage.