Archetype: Dwarf Genetic Scientist

And older, white haired and seemingly jolly man, Beastmaster has performed some of the most gruesome experiments imaginable on normal animals in an attempt to enhance their physical prowess, while also adding critter powers through cross genetics.  After getting caught my the MCPS (“Mundane Critter Protection Society”, sort of like a revved up ASPCA ) and having three of his labs destroyed, Beastmaster is reluctantly  working to reverse some of his research and find ways to return his abominations to normality.  Cocky and difficult to work with, Beastmaster still gives the overall impression that he is still in charge.  Much of this ego is drawn upon the four other labs he has yet to reveal to the MCPS.

Qiong Chiu

Archetype: Human Sorcerer Genetic Biologist

In charge of the particular cell of the MCPS that is dealing with Beastmaster, Qiong was resisted pressure from members in other units to simply torture Beastmaster until he gives up everything.  Level headed, and smart enough to hang to the back during any kind of combat, she is constantly thinking of a situations worst case scenario so she can get everybody out alive.  Aside from a few healing spells, Qiong’s catalog mostly revolves around animal communication and control.  Unfortunately, Beastmaster had such a possibility in mind and in creating his creatures made them virtually impregnable to manipulation.  But, in the end, Qiong Chiu is running the show and while she delves her orders out in her meek, non-threating voice, she knows that if everything goes to hell she can always call on a more militant cell to take over.


Archetype: Ork Street Samurai

A bit of an asshole, Stalker is useful on missions where a lot of cute and furry things might have to die.  Some of the experiments Qiong’s team has come across during their dungeons of horrors tours have been in ghastly shape, and when it comes time to put them down, Stalker (and any other hired gun wielders) rise to the occasion.  I profoundly pisses off Qiong that Stalker seems to take a bit of pleasure in the killing, and is blasé towards the ones that didn’t quite die, forcing other to put them down with smaller arms.  Armed primarily with an Enfield AS-7, Stalker carries one drum of slugs (for the big bads) and one of shot (for the fucked up kittens).


Archetype: Human Street Samurai

Australian (duh), cocky, and ten time the asshole Stalker is, Aussie proudly carries around his FN P93 Prator, and two guesses as to if he’s actually part of the Corporate Court.  (The correct answer to both of your guesses would be ‘no’.)  Basically a dick carrying a gun, Aussie doesn’t just hint at getting pleasure from killing captive critters, he hoops, hollers and laughs as he tears through them.  But not to worry.  Qiong Chiu has made a call to a secret connection and Aussie probably won’t be with us much longer.


Archetype: Dwarf Street Samurai

A master of machine pistols, Gruff’s two Steyer TMPs have been modified so heavily with Grade A gas vent systems that they almost resemble submachine guns.  Always seeming reluctant to take orders or suggestions, he does eventually give in with a huff, and an almost infantile show of distain.  Never on point, Gruff hangs back to deal with anything that gets past the front fighters.  Generally decked in security armor, this, along with added bodyware, makes Gruff one hard son of a bitch to bring down.  He is also a demolitions expert who for some reason likes to show off how tough he is by standing closer to the explosions than most would when they go off.


Archetype: Human Rigger Drone Specialist

This heavily built, stone faced woman is always carrying around two large armored cases filled with micro-drones, with a few larger ones in reserve.  Wasp also wears a backpack that contains computers and electronics that tie directly into her spine and brain so she can manage virtually all of them with little confusion.  While each micro-drone is too small to support more than two or three enhancements at a time, a swarm of them can detect virtually anything.  Several are also rigged with explosives, and two of the larger drones mount machine-pistol like guns, although ammo is limited.  Due to the enhanced connection Ace has with her toys, she can potentially suffer damage if one is destroyed before she can jump back out of it.  Since she can jump into several drones at once, the catastrophic loss of several at the same time can cause pain and possibly critical damage.


Archetype: Elf Decker

The way Bristol thinks is...confusing. He’s a great big picture guy, but then slows down (both in and out of VR) when it comes time to handle the little stuff.  Once he gets a handle on the more concentrated aspects of a mission he picks up speed again, but it can be just disconcerting to see your decker just sit and do nothing for seconds – sometimes minutes – at a time while all hell breaks loose around him.  Lanky, even for an elf, Bristol seems like he’d just blow apart if hit with so much as a hold-out pistol round.  Realizing this, Bristol wears layers of armor over a body that has been reinforced with plating and weaving.  He also wears a helmet while decking.