Blackjack's People #141
By Blackjack [Blackjack's Shadowrun Page:] [] [@sr_blackjack]

Posted: 2019-01-25

Yun Zung-Bok

Archetype: Dwarf General Trainer / Owner

About a half a third of a meter taller than Yoda, this master of, well, pretty much everything but magic, is always hunting around for people to recruit to her gym.  She shows up at gun ranges, other crappier gyms, and just about anywhere somebody might be training.  Her method is simple: When somebody she’s watching does something stupid, or is even just adequate, she’s quick with a whap to the genitals with her solid stainless steel cane and a emit a tirade about everything the individual is doing wrong.  (She is remarkably fast for a woman of her size and age.)  If the subject shows that they are willing to put in enough excruciating effort to actually improve, she’ll just transfer the person the address and demand ¥100 for the “lesson” the just had, although most people wonder why they basically paid to get whapped in their fun stuff. Unsurpassed (the name of the gym) is enormous, taking up the 10th - 20th stories of a former office building, although currently only 5 stories are in use.  Each level has its own purpose and its own primary trainer.  And payment is simple: ¥100 per visit, even if you walk out the door and walk back in because you forgot your keys.  (Oh, and every visitor working with Yun Zung-Bok is given a free protective cup.)

Little Annie

Archetype: Troll Business Manager

Little Annie who is, of course, a big ass troll, handles the day to day business operations of Unsurpassed.  She makes sure dues are paid to the point that she will physically block your exit if you’re trying to get out of paying your ¥100.  While incredibly strong (she’s dating the business’s Physical Trainer) she lacks solid combat skills and relies of the talents of intimidation and negotiation to get her out of tough spots. 


Archetype: Human Physical Combat Trainer / Former Professional Wrestler

Stocky, but surprisingly agile, Choke was a professional wrestler until he accidentally broke another wrestler’s neck during a choke hold.  Kicked out of the profession, Choke decided to simply own the situation, brandishing his controversial street name when he began participating in underground fighting events.  Over time, he supplemented his wrestling skills with street fighting and some aspects of martial arts.  But, as he reached his 40s, age and injuries began to take hold and, after meeting Yun Zung-Bok at an event, was hired on as Unsurpassed’s physical combat trainer.  He teaches a variety of styles, matching each student to whatever one more closely matches the individual’s personality and natural tendencies.  In addition to gradual training, Choke offers one day “crash courses” in various styles, ensuring that the student will A: Get a full sample of the intricacies of the particular fighting style and, B: Get hurt really bad.  Unsurpassed keeps a level 6 medkit on hands at all times, as well as a hidden level 6 autodoc bed on the top level if somebody gets really fucked up.


Archetype: Human Combat Magic Trainer Sorcerer

Having never quite caught on to the shamanic ways her family had tried to raise her in, Brightwind left home and spent her teens to early 20s learning hermetic combat magic in the barrens.  While she still has the ability to cast some of the more gentle spells taught to her as a child, she is just a straight up badass when it comes to fucking shit up.  Dressing like somebody ready for a boxercise class, Brightwind is overwhelmingly energetic and eager, sometimes to the point that’s she’ll overload herself during a class and fall flat on the floor from drain.  (Students still have to pay the ¥100.)  Brightwind struggled with the morality of giving people such incredible power ... for about a second.  She then decided, screw it, not my problem.  Despite her power and care free nature, Yun will still whap her on her fun parts if she gets too annoying.


Archetype: Troll Physical Trainer

It can be unnerving to see a troll standing above you, spotting you using only his pointer fingers as you attempt to lift something that feels as heavy as an Ford Americar, but Lotifer believes in starting out hard, and then gradually backing off until you find the maximum about of pain you and endure while still moving the weights up and down.  Many members only train with Lotifer when they have the following day off to recover.  Lotifer is also adamant that member pay for any equipment they break, which sucks considering it’s his own overzealousness that results in you knocking the weights over in the first place.  But once you find that limit right before your breaking point, it’s amazing how quickly you’ll see results.  Assuming you’re not too sore to reach a mirror.

Point Blank

Archetype: Human Firearms Trainer

Training with Point Blank can be confusing and even aggravating at first.  He has the ability to find every mistake you’re making in the blink of an eye, after which he rattles all of them off in quick succession, thus insuring that you’ll remember and understand maybe four of his twenty five complaints when it’s all said and done.  The only thing you can really do is concentrate on the few issues you remember and then hope the list sounds a little shorter the next time he rattles it off.  Members are allowed to use their own weapons for part of the training (as long as they have a permit, either fake or real) and more exotic weapons, including just about anything up to and including a light machine gun, are available from Unsurpassed’s collection, and all of which are 100% licensed and legal (although their license prohibits them from leaving the 15th floor.)